Bild & Runsten
Financial Intelligence

Strategic Business Finance Intelligence is worthwhile. It can shed light on questions such as: Who is performing best in our industry? How good are we at attracting supplier financing compared to our peers? Who of our competitors has the muscles to lead the consolidation of our industry? Who in our industry will face financial problems in the next downturn?


To answer the questions above, and many more, we have developed Bild & Runsten Financial Intelligence (BRFI). Basically, it is a database benefitting from our deep expertise of performing high quality analyses of companies’ financials. Its careful selection of relevant KPIs, user-friendly presentation format, and appealing layout enables true financial learning and very powerful company analysis, both over time and across companies.


You can order analysis of company financials from us. We will upload them in BRFI and give you unique access to the companies on your wish list.


Follow the link below to get a flavour of how relative reports may look.


Password: demo


BRFI Screenshot