Bild & Runsten
Financial Coaching

Have you ever hired a personal trainer to boost your fitness? Have you considered to let a piano tutor help you master your favourite pieces? Well, then you have an idea what Bild & Runsten Financial Coaching can offer, namely precious sessions one-to-one with one of our experienced partners, be it in real life or over the internet.


We have helped business leaders and financial specialist to broaden or deepen their desired knowledge since 2003. Among other topics, we have dived into discussions about which KPIs to prioritize, how to structure a takeover deal, and how to communicate financials to the board. Yet, it is important to emphasize that our core is financial learning, and not financial consulting.


Our clients have typically come from listed companies, family owned businesses, or state owned enterprises. Some have been politicians and entrepreneurs. They have been united in a conviction that Bild & Runsten can offer something truly unique, something they can not get in open enrollment programmes at business schools or consultancy firms.


Naturally, most clients have been Swedish, but we have also helped Norwegians, Danes, Finns, Frenchmen, and Americans to develop. The list of positions is fairly long, we have met owners, chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, CCOs, CIOs and some others.


Should this be something for you, don’t hesitate to contact us!