Bild & Runsten Financial Learning
Through what we call Financial Learning we give managers powerful tools to measure, analyse and drive the business in a desired direction.
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Bild & Runsten

Many people strive to make the world a better place. At Bild & Runsten we pursue this ambition by developing business leaders and financial specialists. Through what we call Financial Learning we give them tools to measure, analyse and drive the business in a desired direction.

We develop individuals
and their businesses

Our goal is to create and share inspiring knowledge that lasts and stimulates continuous learning. To achieve this we have designed learning processes that are interactive, sustainable, evidence based, company relevant, up to date, learner friendly, innovative, unexpected, fun, and inspiring.

We have a client oriented
approach to Financial Learning

At Bild & Runsten, there is no such thing as general or universal financial learning. Everything we do has a clear purpose: our client’s purpose. That means we always customise the content to our clients reality and needs.

We only focus on
Financial Learning

Financial Learning is all that we do and what makes us unique in the industry. For us, it is not a peripheral add-on service but the work that receives our full attention.

We have outstanding qualifications

Bild & Runsten has been helping individuals to develop and business to improve since 2003. Our clients come from many industries, many countries, and all continents. Our work has won numerous pedagogical awards. Our team members hold PhDs and we continue to publish in academic journals.

We are recognized as
forerunners of innovation

Bild & Runsten has always been an early adopter of new training technologies, be that interactive tablets or live survey technologies. We continue to build on that tradition with interactive webinars broadcasted from our own state-of-the-art production studio.

We also develop company-specific interactive digital tools to support and evaluate learning. Organizations repeatedly ask for our pioneering innovative services, and Bild & Runsten serves as the sounding board for digital learning for top-ranked business schools all over the world.

We embrace the entire process

Working with the Bild & Runsten approach to Financial Learning, clients will meet the same team members in every phase of the learning process. This guarantees a consistent channel for communication and ensures that dialogue remains open through the design, preparation, delivery, and follow-up phases.

Examples of past and present clients

We regularly contribute to business schools such as


Erik Alenius kvadrat sep 2018

Erik Alenius


+46 709 749 545


Magnus Bild


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Mikael Runsten kvadrat sep 2018

Mikael Runsten


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Hanna Setterberg kvadrat apr 2018

Hanna Setterberg


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Visiting address:

Skeppar Olofs gränd 3
111 31 Stockholm

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= Workshop IRL

= Workshop online

= Financial test

10 weeks

Customized program | Mission

NCC Industry - Business finance

NCC, one of the leading construction companies in the Nordic region, wanted a program for talents in Business Area Industry. To allow time for on the job anchoring and reflection, we developed a programme with three interactive webinars surrounded with an opening day IRL and a closing day IRL.

= Workshop IRL

= Workshop online

= Financial test

12 weeks

Customized program | Profession

Maersk - Finance Professionals Programme

Maersk, a global transportation giant needed a program to develop their finance professionals worldwide. The metaphor: “From the trunk to the front seat” guided us to co-create a program containing both financial toolbox elements, analytical cases and a large dose of communication training.

To give enough time for deep learning, experience sharing and networking, but at the same time minimize travels, we agreed on a setup with five highly interactive online workshops, a three-day IRL workshop followed by a final online workshop.