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10 weeks

Customized program | Mission

NCC Industry - Business finance

NCC, one of the leading construction companies in the Nordic region, wanted a program for talents in Business Area Industry. To allow time for on the job anchoring and reflection, we developed a programme with three interactive webinars surrounded with an opening day IRL and a closing day IRL.

= Workshop IRL

= Workshop online

= Financial test

12 weeks

Customized program | Profession

Maersk - Finance Professionals Programme

Maersk, a global transportation giant needed a program to develop their finance professionals worldwide. The metaphor: “From the trunk to the front seat” guided us to co-create a program containing both financial toolbox elements, analytical cases and a large dose of communication training.

To give enough time for deep learning, experience sharing and networking, but at the same time minimize travels, we agreed on a setup with five highly interactive online workshops, a three-day IRL workshop followed by a final online workshop.

= Workshop IRL

= Workshop online

= Financial test

8 weeks

Customized program | Mission

Telia Company - Business Insight

Telia Company, a Nordic telecom operator, needed a program to strengthen their leaders’ ability to evaluate the financial consequences of strategic decisions and thus improve decision-making in the organization. A restriction was that no physical meetings were to take place. For this client, we designed an 8-week digital program for 40 participants that could run several times a year.

The program is composed of five highly interactive online workshops, an online assessment test where participants assess their learnings, an on-the-job action project where participants implement the learnings, and a final workshop where participants share their learnings.

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Bild & Runsten Financial Coaching

Have you ever hired a personal trainer to boost your fitness? Have you considered to let a piano tutor help you master your favourite pieces? Well, then you have an idea what Bild & Runsten Financial Coaching can offer, namely precious sessions one-to-one with one of our experienced partners, be it in real life or over the internet.

We have helped business leaders and financial specialist to broaden or deepen their desired knowledge since 2003. Among other topics, we have dived into discussions about which KPIs to prioritize, how to structure a takeover deal, and how to communicate financials to the board. Yet, it is important to emphasize that our core is financial learning, and not financial consulting.

Our clients have typically come from listed companies, family owned businesses, or state owned enterprises. Some have been politicians and entrepreneurs. They have been united in a conviction that Bild & Runsten can offer something truly unique, something they can not get in open enrollment programmes at business schools or consultancy firms.

Naturally, most clients have been Swedish, but we have also helped Norwegians, Danes, Finns, Frenchmen, and Americans to develop. The list of positions is fairly long, we have met owners, chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, CCOs, CIOs and some others.

Should this be something for you, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Bild & Runsten Financial Intelligence

Strategic Business Finance Intelligence is worthwhile. It can shed light on questions such as: Who is performing best in our industry? How good are we at attracting supplier financing compared to our peers? Who of our competitors has the muscles to lead the consolidation of our industry? Who in our industry will face financial problems in the next downturn?

To answer the questions above, and many more, we have developed Bild & Runsten Financial Intelligence (BRFI). Basically, it is a database benefitting from our deep expertise of performing high quality analyses of companies’ financials. Its careful selection of relevant KPIs, user-friendly presentation format, and appealing layout enables true financial learning and very powerful company analysis, both over time and across companies.

You can order analysis of company financials from us. We will upload them in BRFI and give you unique access to the companies on your wish list.

Follow the link below to get a flavour of how relative reports may look.

Password: demo

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Bild & Runsten Financial Models

A core competence of Bild & Runsten, in any financial learning situation, is to integrate financial consequences and business activities. Tailormade financial models, often built in spread sheet programs, can play an important role in this context.

We have built many financial models over the years, always keeping in mind our moto ‘the simpler the better’ and our credo ‘never ask a model a question it wasn’t built to answer’. The models have served us well by increasing the knowledge of both our clients and ourselves.

Our standard advise to people asking for a financial model is ‘construct your own’. By doing it themselves they will deepen their financial learning. Still, even the one who opts to follow our advise can benefit from some inspiration. Therefore, you will below find a selected few of our models.

Should you need our assistance, please let us know!

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Bild & Runsten Financial Opinion

We offer high quality second opinion to decision makers, for instance when a takeover bid is to be placed. We help shed light over questions such as: Is the suggested price reasonable? Have the relevant circumstances been considered?  Which profitability do we need to reach to motivate the price? We restrict our services to give second opinions, hence we do not provide first opinions.

Bild & Runsten has a unique advisor position combining deep theoretical financial competence, outstanding pedagogical skills, and thorough business understanding. We have PhD-degrees, diplomas in pedagogy and many years of experience from teaching managers and board members business finance. The amount of teaching awards from executive education and business schools is a strong indicator of our teaching quality and impact.

We have had roles as experts in high profile financial disputes such Livförsäkringsaktiebolaget Skandia versus Försäkringsaktiebolaget Skandia, Carnegie versus Riksgälden and Swedish electric grid owners versus Energimarknadsinpektionen.

If you want our financial opinion, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Bild & Runsten Financial Test

In many situations there is a need to assess financial knowledge, be it board evaluation, recruitment, change management endeavours, or training preparations. To meet this need, we have developed Bild & Runsten Financial Test (BRFT). It contains hundreds of financial questions that can be twisted to meet your unique purpose.

Follow the link below to get a flavour of a test we designed for a client with a specific purpose in mind. The client wanted to test the organisation’s knowledge about its main KPI – the Operating Margin. In this particular case, we wanted to test the knowledge about why the Operating Margin is important, how it can be improved and what is included in the measure.